Spider-Man: The Movie

Spider-Man: The Movie

A game based on Marvel's superhero and on the first movie of the Spider-Man franchise. It also featured many villains that did not appear in the movie.


Spider-Man: The Movie is the movie tie-in to the 2002 film Spider-Man. It was released during April of 2002 for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, PC and Game Boy Advance in North America and later came to Europe in June of the same year and to Japan in February 2003. Treyarch was responsible for the development of the console game whereas Grey Matter Interactive oversaw the PC release and Digital Eclipse Software the GBA edition.


Following the plot of the movie, the game essentially acts as a companion to the film franchise and an extension of the universe. After being bitten by a genetically enhanced Spider whilst on a field trip with his school, Peter Parker starts to develop abnormal abilities reflecting those of spiders. Not long afterwards, Peter is witness to the death of his Uncle Ben and immediately uses his newfound abilities to chase down the track down the man responsible. After a brief interrogation, Peter learns that it was a member of a local gang, the Skulls that did it and Peter immediately chases the man down to the Skull gang house by the port. After busting in and beating down everyone willing to cross his path, Peter battles with the man who killed his uncle, which quickly escalates and leads to the murderers' death. Feeling responsible for his Uncles death, Peter takes onboard one of the last thing Ben Parker said to him: With great power, comes great responsibility. Taking this on board, Peter becomes Spider-Man and vows to use his powers for good.

Spider! Goblin! Fiiight!
Spider! Goblin! Fiiight!

A few months later, we find Spider-Man battling the scum of Manhattan, and taking pictures of himself so that as Peter Parker, he can keep his job working as a freelance photographer for The Daily Bugle, a local newspaper that has a habit of criminalising Spider-Man. Meanwhile, at a nearby Bank, a bunch of goons and Shocker are driving away from their heist. As Spidey lands, he is briefly attacked by the Vulture. Spidey chooses to chase down Shocker first, engaging in an electric battle with him before Spidey emerges victorious. Spider-Man interrogates Shocker and finds that the Vulture is hiding out in a clock tower in the lower-east, and Spider sets off immediately. Once he finds Vulture, he finds he has to chase him throughout New York, a pursuit that ends in a battle all around the Chrysler building in which Spider-Man once again wins.

As Peter checks out the site where he fought Shocker for some pictures, he runs into the Scorpion who is being chased by small spider-like machines. After helping Scorpion destroy them all, the Scorpion becomes paranoid and turns on Spidey who battles reluctantly and wins once more.

Meanwhile, Norman Osbourne, father to Peter's best friend Harry Osbourne, finds himself fired from his own company, Oscorp. Through desperation, he exposes himself to a potent and experimental new form of genome-gas, designed to make the human body stronger, faster and more reliable. The trial is a resounding success but the cost is Osbourne's mind which is transformed from the caring, if enthusiastic Norman Osbourne, to the homicidal and exaggerated Green Goblin. Stealing a glider and a flight suit from Oscorp, The Green Goblin begins his plans to take revenge on those who fired him from Oscorp.

Soon after that during the Oscorp Unity Day Festival, The Green Goblin makes his attack. Killing many Oscorp executives, and attempting to kill many other innocent civilians (amongst them, the love of Peter's life, Mary Jane Watson) The Green Goblins assault is foiled by Spider-Man who shows up just in time,

It doesn't take The Green Goblin long to launch his next assault, as he sets up a number of bombs and sets a series of 'Razor Bat' weapons on Spider-Man who successfully defeats The Goblin and disarms all the bombs. Finding a defeated Razor Bat, Peter examines it and decides to check out Oscorp to try and make a connection between the arms company and The Green Goblin. Whilst there he manages to stop the threat of a chemical toxins leak. However, upon exiting Oscorp, he discovers that The Goblin has learned of his true identity and is taking Mary Jane hostage. Spider-Man chases The Green Goblin to a bridge where Spidey and The Goblin engage in their final battle. Eventually, Peter avoids The Goblins glider which then runs over the Goblin.

Seemingly regaining consciousness in his final moments, Norman remarks "Tell Harry I'm sorry." to which Spider-Man responds "I'm sorry too."

As Norman dies, Spider-Man kisses Mary Jane and the game ends.


The game takes some liberties with the levels and boss battles.
The game takes some liberties with the levels and boss battles.

The game is divided into sections with 3 levels in each section. Each section has it's own enemy and charts progress throughout the plot, so it cannot be picked at will, unless sections have been unlocked. Much focus is placed on Spider-Man's abilities, such as web-slinging, zipping, firing webs at enemies, tying them up with the web, crawling on walls and stringing together combo's that use these dynamics. Using these abilities can appear different, based on how you press the buttons, or in which order. Certain objects throughout the game can be lifted, and wall-crawling is automatic throughout. There is a type of stealth mode in which the player cannot be seen if Spider-Man is hidden by shadows. As well as this, certain golden combo spiders can be found extending the players ability to pull combos.

Throughout the game there are bonuses you can collect consisting of:

  • Time -- You must clear the area in a specific time.
  • Style -- You must string together a certain amount of combos.
  • Perfect -- You must not be damaged/detected (depending on which level you're playing).
  • Secrets -- Uncover a secret area.
  • Combat -- You must defeat all enemies.

You can gain points for these tasks, and depending on your difficulty, they can range from 500 points to 1000 points each. Through bonuses, you can also unlock pinhead bowling.

Green Goblin

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After beating the game you will unlock the ability to play as the Green Goblin. This goblin is actually Harry Osbourne trying to get revenge on Spider man. The game levels stay the same, but voice actors and story elements change slightly. Goblin has the ability to fly hover and use various weapons on the glider. The glider is equiped with razors, machine guns and bombs. While the levels stay the same the game does feel very different while using Harry as the Goblin.



Spider-Man / Peter Parker...Tobey Maguire

Green Goblin / Norman Osborn....Willem Dafoe

Tour Guide...Bruce Campbell

Harry Osborn...Josh Keaton

Mary Jane...Catherine O'Connor

Adrian Toomes / Vulture...Dwight Schultz

Herman Shultz / Shocker...Michael Beattie

Mac Gargan / Scorpion...Mike McColl

J. Jonah Jameson...Jay Gordon

Sergei Kravinoff / Kraven the Hunter...Peter Lurie

Bonesaw...Jay Gordon

Dennis "Spike" Carradine...Michael Papajohn


Senior Producer...Gregory John

Creative Director...Chris Soares

Lead Programmer...James Fristrom

Lead Game Designer...Tomo Moriwaki

Audio Direction...Sergio Bustamante the Second

Lead Engineer...Jason Bare

Lead Enviroment Modeler...Alex PBortoluzzi

Producer...Jonathan Zamkoff

Assistant Producer...Robert Sanches

Game Designer...Aki Akaike

Game Designer...Joel Burgess

Game Designer...Winnie Lee

Game Designer...Eric Pavone

Game Designer...Rey Samonte

Game Designer/Effects Artist...James Chao

Game Designer/Writer...Matthew B. Rhoades

Engineer...Jeremy Parker

Engineer/Platform Programmer...Greg Taylor

Tools/Front End Programmer...Bob Parkinson Jr.

Lead Animator...James Zachary

Animator...Ryan Duffin

Animator...Jeff Hayes

Animator...Sung-hyun Kim

Animator/Modeler...Joerg Fiederer

Character Modeler...Arnold Agraviador

Character Modeler...Miranda Collins

Character Modeler...Brad Grace

Character Modeler...Kevin Pasko

Character/Level Texture Artist...Michael McMahan

Cinematics...Jon Lauf

Cinematics...Tim Smilovitch

Cinematics Texture Artist...Dusty Peterson

Senior Sound Designer...Douglas Rappaport

Sound Designer...Kris Giampa

Xbox Version

With the Xbox version of the game, there is an extra bonus mission featuring fight Kraven the hunter. This also pads out the playtime of the game.