Sutte Hakkun

Sutte Hakkun

A puzzle game developed in-house by Nintendo and Indieszero that stars a drinking bird toy able to drain and redistribute colored fluids.


Sutte Hakkun is a first-party puzzle game released for the Super Famicom in Japan late in the system's lifespan. The game was partially developed by indies zero, and was their first ever project. The studio would later go on to create the NES Remix series for Nintendo.

In the game, the player directs the eponymous bird as it uses its long beak to draw fluids from colored objects and paint pots, and then use that fluid to fill in transparent objects in the environment. Depending on the color used to fill them in, the objects will behave differently. Sutte can also absorb and re-place the transparent objects themselves, with some restrictions. The goal is to collect all the rainbow shards on the level, each of which requires some effort to reach.

Sutte Hakkun was first distributed through Nintendo's Satellaview service in November of 1997. This version of the game was known as the "Event Version" and included 50 stages with five bonus levels. The following August, a much larger version of the game with over 100 levels was made available through the Nintendo Power cart-writing service. In October 1998, a few months later, the second version of the Satellaview game was broadcast with an additional 30 levels. A special Christmas/Version Satellaview broadcast followed in December, with another 30 new specially-themed levels. Finally, a full retail version of the game was released in June of 1999. The game has since been rereleased on Wii and Wii U Virtual Console. No version of the game has ever been released internationally.


  • As a result of the ongoing Nintendo leaks of 2020 as a result of multiple breaching events of the company's servers, an unreleased Game Boy Advance port was discovered in its entirety and released in ROM format.