MX vs. ATV Unleashed

MX vs. ATV Unleashed


This game has a variety of indoor and outdoor tracks filled with different sets of jumps and turns to push you to the highest level.  This game tries to make you find what the fastest and smoothest way around each track is and to master the clutch to get you around the track in the best way.  This game has third person view while you are racing with many other angles as well. It also has first person view which attempts to make you feel like you are really on the dirt bike or four wheeler because the camera for first person is in the helmet so the handlebars and wheels are right where they should be.  There are freestyle tracks that are open and ready to be torn up to do all the crazy tricks you want.  There are many different game types such as supercross, motocross, short tracks, hill climb, waypoint, and open class which means all types of vehicles can be racing each other at the same time.


The multiplayer allows you to get online and play with people from across the world or just a system link or split screen match with a couple of friends.


  • Ozomatli - Saturday Night
  • Skindred - Nobody
  • Phunk Junkeez - Magnetic Mic Control
  • Pillar - Bring Me Down
  • Strung Out - Analog
  • Powerman 5000 - Heroes And Villains
  • Trust Company - Stronger
  • Unwritten Law - Celebration Song
  • Bullets And Octane - Pirates
  • Rise Against - Give It All
  • Earshot - Wait
  • Black Eyed Peas - Anxiety
  • Riddlin Kids - Stop The World
  • Crossfade - Cold
  • Shinedown - Fly From The Inside
  • Kottonmuth Kings - Let's Ride
  • Mudmen - Animal
  • Authority Zero - Revolution
  • Nickelback - Because Of You
  • Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder    



  • Dirt bike
  • ATV
  • Trophy trucks
  • Plane
  • Helicopter
  • Monster trucks
  • Dune buggy
  • Golf cart


MX Riders

  • Jeremy McGrath
  • James Stewart Jr.
  • Chad Reed
  • Dave Teodosio
  • Kevin Windham
  • Mike LaRocco
  • Michael Byrne
  • Sebastien Tortelli
  • Josh Grant
  • Ivan Tedesco
  • Broc Hepler
  • Josh Hansen
  • Bobby Hochrun
  • Nathan Ramsey

ATV Riders

  • Dave Teodosio
  • Tim Farr
  • Keith Little
  • Jason Dunkelberger
  • Jason Luburgh
  • Tavis Cain
  • Dana Creech
  • Jeremiah Jones
  • Doug Gust
  • Shane Hitt
  • John Natalie Jr.
  • Kory Ellis
  • Joe Byrd