Dragon's Lair II: TimeWarp

Dragon's Lair II: TimeWarp

The first full sequel to the original Dragon's Lair.


Mainly regarded as the first "true" sequel to Dragon's Lair (since it wasn't composed of deleted or remixed scenes from the original), it takes place years after the first game, when Dirk and Daphne are married with several children.  The evil wizard Mordroc kidnaps Daphne, forcing Dirk to go on another adventure to rescue her, assisted by a well-spoken time machine.


The game began development immediately after the success of the original Dragon's Lair, in 1983, finally seeing release in 1991.  The gameplay is similar to the original in that it revolves around pre-rendered cutscenes that task the player with choosing a direction or reacting to onscreen prompts, similar to modern games' Quick Time Events.  It differs from it's predecessor, however, in two significant ways.  While the original game presented rooms in a randomized sequence for each playthrough, the sequel is linear in plot and puzzle structure.  Failure in the sequel forces you to resume from a checkpoint and retry the challenge.  The sequel also has golden treasures hidden throughout that reward the player with extra points when collected, unlike the original.  If the player manages to complete the game but have not collected all of the treasures, the game loops back to the first treasure missed until they are all collected.