Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer

Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer

A spin off of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series and part of Activision's O2 line of extreme sports games, Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer is a surfing game in which allows players experience the thrill of riding the waves from the comfort of their living room.


Developed by Treyarch and published by Activision as part of their O2 range of extreme sports games, Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer is a spin

Riding the waves
Riding the waves

off the Tony Hawk franchise that features the likenesses of popular pro surf boarders such as Kalani Robb, Rob Machado, Bruce Irons, Donovan Frankenreiter and many more.

The game puts the player in the shoes of a group of 8 surfers in search of "the perfect wave". On your journey you'll stop at over 15 locations around the globe from the slow, lazy waves of Sebastion, to the fast, aggressive surfing of Pipeline.


The gameplay of Kelly Slater's Pro Surfing sticks relatively close to that of the Tony Hawk series. You arrive at one of the over 15 locations and are given a handful of goals you must complete under a time limit in order to progress. These goals can range from jumping over a pier and spraying windsurfers to collecting objects placed around a level.

The game also features dozens of moves and special moves such as hang 10s, cross steps and cutbacks. These moves can be used in a sequence to create "combos" similar to that of the Tony Hawk games.

Surf Boarders

The game features 8 professional surf boarders that the player can choose from. Each Character has their own unique stats comparable to their real life talents. All surf boarders are unlocked from the start of the game, however the characters "personality costume" is unlockable as you play further on in the game.

Professional Surf Boarders:

  • Kalani Robb
  • Rob Machado
  • Kelly Slater
  • Bruce Irons
  • Donovan Frankenreiter
  • Nathan Fletcher
  • Tom Curren
  • Tom Carrol
  • Lisa Anderson


  • Ben Harper - Faded
  • Jack Johnson - Middle man
  • Pearl Jam - WMA
  • Perry Farrell - Nua Nua
  • Christopher Goze - Sirocco
  • Funky Lowlives - Notabossa
  • Greyboy - Master the Art
  • Jeremy Kay - Back to You
  • Mo' Horizons - Fota Vida
  • Quantum Dub Force - Quantum Zone
  • Rae and Christian - Ready to Roll
  • Satan's Pilgrims - Step it up
  • Shur i Kan - Advance
  • Si Se - Stepping out
  • Smith an Mighty - No Justice
  • Soul Hooligan - Pyschedelic Soul
  • Space Cossacks - Solaris Stomp
  • Sun Child - Vagabond Parade
  • Third World - 1865
  • Thunderball - Heat of the Hustler
  • Thunderball - Vai Vai
  • Truby Trio - Alergre