Herc's Adventures

Herc's Adventures

Play as the super strong Hercules, lightning fast Atlanta or the street smart Argonaut Jason through 40 levels of Greek mythology and legend.


Herc's Adventures is a top-down action-adventure game developed by Lucasarts similar in style to Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Hades lord of the underworld has kidnapped Persephone Goddess of Spring and fertility and it is up to you to rescue her. Choose one of three ancient Greek heroes; Herc (Hercules), Atlanta (Atalanta), or Jason, and journey to distant lands, fight legendary monsters, and meet the pantheon of gods through the game 40 levels to rescue Persephone and defeat Hades.


The players guide their chosen character as they pick up various weapons and items throughout the game, which include: pepper breath, frost breath, lightning bolts, spears, boar traps, flaming spears, bombs, an evil taboo box which when opened released rough weather, shrink dolls which miniaturizes any target, tridents, snowballs, a laser gun from the aliens, and Medusa's head which turns most enemies to stone killing them instantly. Items that can be found and used include gyros to gain health and stamina, hawks, frogs, boar traps, magic potions, inflatable cows, and Pandora's box.

During their quest to rescue Persephone players will end up fighting their way through vast numbers of enemies some of which include cyclopes, skeletons, hags, Centurions, aliens, amazons, and harpies. Combat takes place in real-time and is fairly basic. You can hit enemies with your normal attack or by using special weapons found throughout the game. Interestingly upon death, the player was sent to the underworld and needed to fight their way to the exit in order to get a chance to continue. Each death sent you further into the underworld making it harder to reach the exit each time, eventually leading the game over screen.


  • Zeus - Ruler of the gods
  • Hades - Lord of the underworld
  • Persephone - Goddess of Spring and fertility
  • Hera - Queen of the gods, wife of Zeus
  • Athena - Warrior goddess, daughter of Zeus
  • Poseidon - King of the seas
  • Dionysus - God of wine and debauchery