Cop 01

Cop 01

Rookie police detective James must rescue his partner Stacy from the villainous Specter organization (yes, really) in this 1985 comedic run-and-gun from Nichibutsu.


Cop 01 is a side-scrolling run-'n'-gun game developed and released by Nichibutsu for arcades in Japan in 1985.

As the rookie detective James (in a nod to the character James Bond), players must infiltrate the villainous Specter organization to rescue his partner Stacey. Armed with a handgun and brandishing a jetpack, James must dodge a variety of traps and enemy bullets while shooting away enemies and moving forward. The game includes six stages, with branching paths at certain points in the game.

Along with standard jumps (which are instantaneous) and crouching, both using the joystick, players can use the second button to perform a high jetpack jump. These jumps use up part of the jetpack's charge, which refills by defeating enemies.

The game did not receive any home conversions at the time, and was released nearly 40 years later for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch as part of Hamster's Arcade Archives series worldwide on June 29, 2023.