Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich

Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich

A tactical RPG from the creators of System Shock. Relive the golden era of comic books as a squad of unique colorful characters or create your own. Sequel to Freedom Force.


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Freedom Force vs The Third Reich is the sequel to the critically acclaimed strategy/RPG Freedom Force game. In Freedom Force vs The Third Reich, the Freedom Force team face their biggest threat yet - an alternate history in which the Nazis have won world war 2 and reign supreme over the world. To thwart the Nazi efforts, Freedom Force need to time travel to the past and set things right.

This iteration of Freedom Force pays homage to the Golden Age of Comics, and it shows in the new golden age characters, and the art style of their origins story.  Like the golden age comic heroes of yore, the new characters Tricolour, Black Jack and the Sky King, have no special powers except for their patriotism, and their willingness to do anything for land and country. The art style of the origins stories for these characters is grainy and dated, reflecting the limited technology available to the artists of the 1940's. Also the subject matter of fighting the Nazis and Fascists was the subject matter of many of the comics back in those days.

New Heroes

  •  Tomb Stone
     Tomb Stone
    Tricolour is a French patriot from World War II who uses her fencing skills to dispatch her enemies.
  • Black Jack was a British inventor working in Her Majesty's Institute for Wartime Research during World War II. He is forced to kill his mentor, after he found the Nazi super villain Blitzkreig using his mind control abilities to force him to create a weapon capable of destroying the British air force. Ever since, he takes the fight to the street as Black Jack.
  • Sky King is an American movie star who has devised a suit that can fly. He uses this suit to fight alongside the American soldiers in World War II.
  • Tomb Stone is a silver age comic super hero, who was zapped with energy X while he was being electrocuted for a crime he did not commit. He comes back from the grave as the cold-hearted Tombstone, to instill fear into his enemies. He has the power of "Possession" which allows him to control other enemies by possessing their bodies.
  • Green Genie is a life loving daughter of a strict and cruel Sheik. Her father wants to force her to an arranged marriage, when she gets zapped with energy X and transforms into the Green Genie- a fun loving, magic carpet riding heroine.
  • Quetzalcoatl used to be a young Aztec boy who scoffed at the culture of his ancestors. One day his grandfather took him to show him the staff of Quetzalcoatl, an ancient Aztec god. The young boy was not interested and left his grandfather alone. As he was leaving, a burglar pushed him aside, and fatally wounded his grand father as he stole the s taff of Quetzalcoatl. The young boy ran after the burglar and struggled for the staff. As he got a hold of it, he was zapped with a beam of energy X, that transformed him into the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl himself.

New Villains

  • Red Oktober: A mysterious soviet super villain that resembles a witch.
  • Blitzkrieg: Nazi super villain with tremendous mental powers. He is the one who used the power of Time Master to change history.
  • Fortissimmo: An opera singer who can bring building down with his voice.
  • Red Sun: Japanese super villain who clones into two new copies of himself whenever you kill him.

PC System Requirements  

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista
    • Processor: 600 MHz or faster Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor
    • Memory: 128 MB or more RAM
    • Graphics: 32 MB or greater supported Direct3D capable video card with DirectX 8.1 compatible driver
    • Hard Drive: 570 MB or more free hard disk space plus space for saved games
    • Sound: Environmental Audio capable sound card