Magical Speed

Magical Speed

A fantasy-themed version of the card game known as "Speed".


Magical Speed is a fantasy-themed versus card game developed and released by Allumer for arcades exclusively in Japan in 1994.

It is an arcade adaptation of the traditional real-time card game Speed, where players attempt to shed their half of a playing card deck faster than their opponent. Along with arcade button-style controls, it features a gameplay mechanic where quick scoring hinders the player's hand, forcing them to rapidly tap on the correct card selection button to clear it. It also features fantasy setting reminiscent of the Puyo Puyo series, with a similar difficulty and opponent progression.

The game uses a six-button control setup, with the bottom four buttons corresponding to each card in the four-card hand and the top two buttons corresponding to each of the two center stacks. Due to the flipped screen in the second player's side, it is intended to be played in a cocktail cabinet.

It later received a digital re-release for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, as part of HAMSTER's Arcade Archives series, worldwide on February 9, 2023.