Road 96: Mile 0

Road 96: Mile 0

A followup game to Road 96 which goes down a new route of gameplay.


Road 96: Mile 0 is a prequel set before the events of the first Road 96 game. Unlike the first game which focused on narrative drama forged by procedural generation, the game instead focuses on a set storyline that is driven by narrative drama interspersed with musical rhythm game sections.


Like in Road 96, the game is played out from the first person perspective by exploring the environment and interacting with other characters that will change the story or overall narrative. Along the way, the player can also partake in various mini-games that might change the outcome of a narrative section or reward the player with a new skillset that will aid the player in any character interaction.

New to the gameplay are "Musical Rides", rhythm game sections that will allow players to better understand the main characters and flesh out the story.


The game follows two teenagers from previous Digixart games: Road 96 and Lost in Harmony. Zoe, from Road 96, is the daughter of a Petrian politician who lives in the privileged and luxurious community of White Sands, the capitol city of Petria. Kaito, a character adapted from Lost in Harmony, is a skateboarder who lives in the poorer part of White Sands having moved with his parents from the crime-ridden Colton City in hopes of living a better life.

Other characters from the previous game are also set to appear, such as news anchor Sonya Sanchez and taxi driver Jarod.