Monster destroyer

Monster destroyer

A Vampire Survivors clone found on Nintendo Switch.


Monster destroyer is a roguelite game with near-automated combat, copying the systems of its inspiration, Vampire Survivors, to a fault. The game takes place on an isometric playing field where enemies encroach exponentially. Weapons fire automatically on cooldown, though some still require aiming. Most defeated enemies drop gems, which increase a level tally. Each time the player levels up, they get a choice of three different power-ups. If an item is new, the game will indicate that in the user interface. Powers include more potent weapons, shields and ways to increase projectiles or moving speed. Four offensive and four defensive items can be held during a run.

Each run ramps up in difficulty, spawning bigger and faster monsters that close in on the player. Surviving for a period of time changes the music that's being played. If a character hits enough enemies to deplete a health bar, the game ends; throwing up a statistics panel, before returning to the main menu.

Gold currency is also acquirable during a run. This currency is used to permanently increase the player after a run. More characters and maps are available as well.

Monster destroyer is capitalized without a capital D in "destroyer."