Federation Online

Federation Online

The first wrestling simulator by indie British developer Mat Dickie, using the 2D pixel-art style of his earlier games.


Federation Online is a freeware indie belt-scrolling wrestling game developed and released by MDickie for DOS PCs on June 2001. It later received a reworked Windows version known as Federation Wrestling, which was published by Idigicon on December 2002.

The first in a series of wrestling simulation games by the developer, Federation Online has players participating in customizable professional wrestling matches in the fictional wrestling promotion Federation Online (named for having fans send the developer their own characters online) to raise TV ratings.

The reworked Windows version, Federation Wrestling, features a career mode which puts players in control of a customizable wrestler as they make their way through a year-long career with the promotion (which is now named for it using the Internet to broadcast shows, rather than TV). This version is known for its numerous customizable character settings, including appearance, musical theme, skill sets, and wrestling techniques.

It later received a management-focused spin-off in 2003, known as Federation Booker. Most concepts from Federation Wrestling and Federation Booker were brought into 3D, starting with the 2004 sequel Wrestling MPire.