Shootout at Old Tucson

Shootout at Old Tucson

A very rare light-gun shooter from American Laser Games, set in the Old West. Unlike their earlier LaserDisc-based games, this uses 3DO-based hardware and has no full-motion video.


Shootout at Old Tucson is a historical-fantasy light-gun shooter developed and released by American Laser Games for arcades (using 3DO-based ALG CD-ROM hardware) in North America in 1994.

Created by the studio behind several Old West-themed light-gun shooters that make use of full-motion video, Shootout at Old Tucson is a more simplistic game that makes use of low-quality digitized actors and backgrounds (similar to the Lethal Enforcers series). Much of the gameplay is similar to the Mad Dog series, including the "showdown" mechanic, where plays have to holster their weapon until it is time to draw.

The game was the first for a new arcade platform that was billed in advertisements as "the first CD-ROM arcade game system in the industry". Despite very few machines being released (due to American Laser Games pulling out of the arcade market), it received two additional games: Mazer and Orbatak.