Neural Cloud

Neural Cloud

Fast-paced spinoff of Girls Frontline where the player takes on the role of The Professor to rescue lost AI programs, known as C-Dolls, before they are erased by the Sanctifiers.


Set in the same world of Girls' Frontline, during the year 2063, the character is an unnamed Commander from Griffin & Kruyger PMC, given the role of "The Professor" (their name can be set at the start of the game), and has their consciousness uploaded into the Magrasea Cloud Server. Three years ago, the cloud server was cut off from the real world and the various programs inside were left adrift with nothing but their previous commands to run indefinitely. However, Doctor Persica stumbled across an offsite backup that allowed her to open the cloud server back up. The Professor is given the mission of re-establishing The Oasis in Magrasea to serve as a base of operations, rescue the various digital Dolls and locate the original Professor somewhere in the server, and find a way to re-establish a connection with the real world.

However, The Professor barely has time to breathe as they must convince the administrators of different Sectors in the server to share operand data with them to rebuild The Oasis. In addition, there are two factions actively fighting against them: The Sanctifiers, special antiviral Agents who believe in maintaining the purity of the cloud server by destroying all suspicious data and irregular Agents. And the Entropics, malware of unknown origin that seeks to corrupt and consume all the digital data it can touch.


As the unseen Professor, players must arrange must arrange up to 8 Dolls (5 on the field and 3 in reserve) to destroy the enemies at each node and progress through the game. Some tiles (both on the field and the reserve section) will have markings that provide affects that can give the unit an extra edge in battle, such as a Sniper effect that gives a long-range unit unlimited attack range for the battle, or a node that teleports the unit into the enemy's backline. However, some maps will give the enemy similar tiles.

Keys serve as the energy of this game to prevent players from spending too much time. There are very few Keys needed to begin a normal stage in the game. However, at the end of those maps, the player will need additional Keys to collect the loot, or have to choose which loot they will leave behind if they lack Keys.


Playable units in the game, collectively referred to as Dolls, fall under one of five categories:

  • Guard: Heavy, shielded units designed to soak up enemy fire and keep their attention away from their allies.
  • Sniper: Long-range attackers who focus on dealing damage from afar.
  • Warrior: Scrappy melee fighters who deal direct damage to their enemies.
  • Specialist: Relatively fragile Dolls who focus on buffing their teammates or debuffing enemies.
  • Medic: Dolls who have a long-range attack but focus mostly on healing and buffing allies to keep them alive.