JR East Train Simulator

JR East Train Simulator

The first new entry in Ongakukan's Train Simulator series in 15 years, based on the studio's professional simulators used by JR East for crew training.


JR East Train Simulator is a train driving simulation game in development by Ongakukan, with a planned digital release by East Japan Railway Company for the PC (via Steam). A Steam Early Access release is planned for September 19, 2022. It is the first in the series to receive a worldwide digital release.

A revival of the studio's Train Simulator series (after a 15-year hiatus since Railfan: Taiwan High Speed Rail), JR East Train Simulator has players driving trains through parts of two JR East lines in the Japanese Kanto region: the southbound Keihin–Tōhoku Line (with an E233-1000 series electric train) and the outbound Hachikō Line (with an KiHa 110 series diesel train).

As with the rest of the Train Simulator series, JR East Train Simulation uses high-definition live-action cab footage as full-motion video for the outside view, with the speed of the video playback adjusted for the train's speed to give the illusion of driving a real-life train. Based on the industrial train simulators Ongakukan produced after the release of Railfan, much of the game's physics and soundscape are authentic, with the cab instruments based on official specifications.