Train Drive ATS 3

Train Drive ATS 3

The third in a series of mobile Japanese train driving simulator games focuses on the real-life Kintetsu Railway "Nara Line".


Train Drive ATS 3 is an indie train driving simulation game developed and published by Takahiro Ito (along with Kintetsu Information Systems Co.) for iOS devices on September 29, 2017. It was later released for Android devices on April 3, 2019. It is free-to-download, although most of the game is locked with a single in-app purchase.

The third installment of the Train Drive ATS series, Train Drive ATS 3 is the first to no longer include fictionalized versions of railways lines, instead reproducing the real-life Kintetsu Railway line Nara Line, along with the Namba Line extension, from Ōsaka Namba Station in Osaka to Kintetsu Nara Station in Nara.

Later updates added two new scenarios, one based on the "Shimakaze" service and one based on the "Hinotori" service.