Train Drive ATS

Train Drive ATS

A Japanese train driving simulation game for mobile iOS devices, allowing players to drive numerous licensed Tobu Railway trains on a fictionalized version of the Tobu Tojo Line.


Train Drive ATS is an indie train driving simulation game developed and published by Takahiro Ito for iOS devices on February 28, 2012. A free-to-play version, known as "Train Drive ATS Lite", was released at some point and was later discontinued.

Similar to other train-driving simulators, Train Drive ATS allows players to drive Japanese trains along routes down a rail line, following correct procedure and stopping at the specified stations. The game has players driving one of numerous officially-licensed Tobu Railway trains through a fictionalized version of the Tōbu Tōjō Line.

The game takes a more realistic approach to the genre, reproducing certain elements that are often overlooked in other games, such as the interactions between multiple trains on the same timetable with the use of switch rails and signals.

It later received a sequel in 2014 with Train Drive ATS 2.