Card de Renketsu! Densha de Go!

Card de Renketsu! Densha de Go!

A card-based train-driving arcade game and spin-off of the Densha de Go! series. Collect train car cards (front, middle, and rear) to form your train and drive it in fictional routes with simplified mascon controls and score-based gameplay similar to rhythm games.


Card de Renketsu! Densha de Go! (loosely translated to "Connect with Cards! Go by Train!") is a train driving simulation game developed and released by Taito for arcades in Japan in 2011.

A spin-off of the Densha de Go! series, and celebrating the series' 15th anniversary, Card de Renketsu combines a simplified version of the series' train driving with a trading card system, allowing players to make their own custom trains (using three types of cards: the front, the middle, and the rear) for use in several fictional routes.

The gameplay is a simplified version of that in the main Densha de Go! series, using a four-stage combined mascon and a timing-based system similar to music-rhythm games (such as Beatmania, Pop'n Music, and Guitar Hero). Players are scored not only on following the chart closely, but also on several mini-games (including train coupling and train braking).