Artery Gear: Fusion

Artery Gear: Fusion

Turn-based RPG with gacha elements where the player commands mecha-girls, made for mobile platforms


A RPG with gacha elements released for mobile platforms. Players take the role of an offscreen Commander to lead their team of robot girls, called "Artery Gears," to victory.


In an alternate future Earth, technology has advanced allowing people to create full cyborgs and androids with self-awareness. However, this also led an evil virus to spread across the world, turning people and androids alike into "Puppets" that lose their free will and become mindless killing machines controlled by Puppet Masters. The surviving remnants of humanity fled either to the safety of the "Frontier" on the Ground, or to the space colony of "Autoluna." While both sides may not agree with each other, they have a common enemy in the Puppets, and developed special parts called Artery Gear (AG) to allow them to resist Puppetization and fight against the evil virus. A human Commander is recruiting Artery Gear from both sides and independent factions to form the "Union" to take the fight to the Puppets, but the Puppets may not be the only opposition they face.


The player can choose teams of up to four unlocked AGs (and three support units, in some game modes), balancing their strengths and weaknesses, to progress through a battle stage. Each battle stage consists of 1-3 waves of enemies that must be destroyed to win, though the last stage usually contains a "boss" enemy that will automatically end the stage if it is destroyed, regardless of how many other enemies remain on screen.

Outside of combat, players can recruit additional AG through a gacha system, or visit their Fleet to collect different materials and in-game currency.