Turtles! is an action-puzzle game where the player takes control of Bonnie and other cute turtles and help as many as possible to get to the sea.


Turtles: A casual action-puzzle game inspired by frogger, where the player takes control of "Bonnie" to rescue baby turtles who stack around for a journey to the sea.

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The player takes control of "Bonnie" the baby turtle and moves with simple commands. Each time the turtle comes close to an egg, a turtle will join and the player will control one more turtle at the same time. While they stack around, the player needs to avoid traps and enemies, handling a match 3 gameplay.


The turtles move with the left, right, up and down control.


When the player indicates a direction, all the turtles will move on a virtual grid one step in that direction. When a turtle can’t move because there is something on their way, like a rock or the edge of the screen, they will stay put. Considered there are more than one turtle in the game, all other turtles will move according to the player direction and follow the same simple rules.

Match-3 Mechanic

To avoid having to think about too many turtles at the same time, the player is able to group them with a clever shape-oriented match-3 mechanic. This mechanic allows the player to save more turtles while decreasing the large number of turtles that are under its control.


The player needs to save all the cute turtles and bring them to the sea where they will be safe. The player earns then stars according to the amount of turtles saved and how many he could group.


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There are many dangers and traps on the way to the sea like:

  • Holes where the turtles can fall into
  • Crabs moving in a line that will eat every turtle on their way
  • The Seagulls are waiting to pick one turtle from the group

Art Style

Bright and vibrant colors on the turtles, soft rounded shapes, large expressive eyes as well as oversized heads for Bonnie and the other turtles.


Cartoonish game audio and music are unique and tailored for the game.