Soul Hackers 2

Soul Hackers 2

A sequel to the 1997 Megami Tensei spin-off.



Set in an alternate future. Aion, a mysterious entity, detects that the human world is about to be destroyed. Aion creates two agents named Ringo and Figue and dispatches them to the human world to save two humans determined to be the key to averting the world's destruction, only to find they have been killed not too long ago. Ringo quickly uses their "Soul Hack" ability to bring them back to life, in hopes that they might find a way to avert catastrophe.


A unique feature in battle is the "Sabbath," a feature somewhere between the "Press Turn" system of SMT games and "One More" system of Persona games. If enough foes are struck by their weakness, the player can call upon multiple demons at once to attack them before ending their turn.


In Japan, the game will be available in a Soul Hackers 2 25th Anniversary Edition for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Priced at 17,380 Yen, it includes a three-disc 25th Anniversary Music Album with 30 tracks, 100-page 25th Anniversary Book with artwork, interviews, and more; Aiho-kun figure; special costume downloadable content “Mary-Style Maid Outfit”; and the demon fusion downloadable content “Aiho-kun.”

Pre-orders for the game in Japan include the “Persona 5 Costume & Background Music Set,” which includes the following:

  • Costumes
    • Phantom Suit (Ringo)
    • Pirate Armor (Arrow)
    • Red Rubber Suit (M’Lady)
    • Princess Suit (Psyzo)
  • Battle Background Music
    • “Keeper of Lust”
  • Accessories
    • Phantom Thief Mask (increase the critical rate of shooting attribute)