Seven Knights II

Seven Knights II

Sequel to Seven Knights, a fantasy RPG, with different gameplay and graphics


A fantasy RPG with gacha elements, and a sequel to the original Seven Knights, released on mobile devices with a seperate client for playing on PC. Unlike the first game, Seven Knights II runs on Unreal Engine 4, switching the 2D animated sprites for bigger, more real-looking 3D models.

Instead of turn-based combat, action takes place in real time, where the player can move their party members around, or cast spells and attacks.

Some bosses in the story (and subsequent Raid incarnations) have special attacks that can only be suppressed by a specific character in the party.


Set about 20 years after the events of Seven Knights. The forces of Destruction are on the march across the world again, and the Daybreak Mercenaries are caught in the middle of events as they try protect a mysterious girl named Phine, and search for Rudy, the original Knight of Light, who may hold the key to defeating the power of Destruction.