Gutsy the Guinea Pig

Gutsy the Guinea Pig

Gutsy the Guinea Pig is a mobile puzzle game utilizing mechanics of magnets to navigate the level, collect keys, and compete on leaderboards for the best time.
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An unlikely hero launches into action to save his friends in this polarized puzzle game!

In a desperate attempt to regain their former glory, the cats of the Internet have hatched a devious plot to reinvigorate their icons of old. How will they do this? By stealing the life force of defenseless guinea pigs! Help Gutsy the Guinea Pig navigate a series of magnetic obstacles to retrieve the keys to his friends’ freedom.


  • Environments: Follow our hero’s progress in his comic book adventures! Each issue is centered around a different feline mastermind, who has devised a sector of the villains’ secret base with its own unique set of environmental hazards.
  • Bonus Levels: Successfully rescue all the guinea pigs from a sector and you’ll have the chance to take on a new kind of challenge.
  • Speedrun Mode: Ramp up the action and blast through levels at top speed! Compete with yourself and other players for the fastest times.
  • Leaderboards: Show off your scores to the community and play your way to the top!
  • Assist Mode: Need a hand with the basics? Try our assistance options to slow things down and put the finish line within reach.