Blastomancer: The Puzzle Game

Blastomancer: The Puzzle Game

Logical puzzle game featuring distorted enemies and an ancient mentor ready to fight them back.


Blastomancer: The Puzzle Game is a 2D logical puzzle game created by indie developer Victor Moldoveanu (ZMVtest) and released for Android on 1'st of October, 2020.


Following the new invasion of the Distortions, Grandmaster Blaster Doolius Fillias, too ancient to pick up a new fight, introduces the player to the world of Blastomancy. By learning to use different types of bombs, each with its own effect, the player must use his skills at best and defeat the invading Distortions, once and for all.


The challenge of the game is to clear obstacles (Distortions) off a board given a fixed amount of ammunition (Bombs). The player starts off in the tutorial world where the basic rules and mechanics are presented. As the player progresses, the complexity of the levels increases and new mechanics are added in each new world. The game features hand-drawn stickman graphics, an original soundtrack and a minimalistic witty story that puts things into context. There are also 3 difficulty levels to choose from and dark-mode for eye comfort.