The Crypto Prophecies

The Crypto Prophecies


The Crypto Prophecies is a NFT game developed and published by GameFi Inc.

Players use NFT Crypto Prophets to battle against other players by predicting, quicker than their opponent, where the candles will move next (up or down). After 10 fast paced rounds the player with the most points will receive the winnings.

Depending on the rarity tier of an NFT Crypto Prophet, each character can be equipped with magic items such as staffs, capes, wands and pets. Each of these items casts a different spell to give the player an advantage during the battle.

This online head to head zero-sum price prediction battle tests the skill of predicting patterns and strategy of casting attacking and defensive magic during the battle.

The Crypto Prophecies has many features where players can be rewarded such as daily & weekly league table prizes and prize draws.