Ranita Fishing

Ranita Fishing

Ranita Fishing is a indie platformer with fishing, and collect-a-thon mechanics.


Ranita Fishing is a 3D platformer with a focus on fishing. It was released for PC and Mac on October 8, 2021.


Ranita Fishing follows an anthropomorphic frog, who is out to explore for the day after receiving a family fishing rod.


The game's main mechanic is a simple fishing game. One button is used to cast the rod, and once a fish is hooked, the button is pressed again to reel in and catch the fish.

Occasionally progress to the next area is block by one of the game's NPCs. In order to unlock the next area, the player must collect 8 of the NPC's "bits" and return them by platforming and using the fishing rod.

The game has two endings. One is reach by completing the task given by the protagonist's family and the other is done by collecting all 25 of the different fish in the game. Once one task is completed, the game can be continued after the credits in order to complete the other ending.