Mah Jongg for Windows

Mah Jongg for Windows

A Windows shareware single-player adaptation of the traditional four-player game of mahjong. It later received a budget retail release as MahJongg Game of Four Winds.


Mah Jongg for Windows (also known as Mah Jongg: The REAL Game!) is a shareware mahjong game developed and released by Berrie Bloem for Windows PCs on July 1995.

It is an adaptation of the "classical" version of the four-player game of mahjong, with one human player and three computer-controlled opponents. It includes a simple set of rule and scoring options.

As a shareware game, unregistered use of the game disables customizable scoring values, cheats, saving/loading, and Special Hands (for the player only).

The game later received a retail release by eGames in 1998 as MahJongg Game of Four Winds (sometimes known as Berrie Bloem's MahJongg Game of Four Winds). This version includes additional tilesets and backgrounds.