A Day of Maintenance

A Day of Maintenance

An open world Truck-Sim driving game with Visual Novel elements

A Day of Maintenance mixes a few genres, combining them into a queer interactive fiction about robots, assigned personalities, and life under corporations.

It combines the following genres:

  • Truck-Sim driving
  • A small open-world
  • Using a hard-to-control crane for puzzles
  • Visual Novels

The game revolves around the player "Ground" and their boyfriend "Orby", as they talk through questions/problems/work, and navigate anxieties in their lives. Joining the player is a crew of other robots that chew the fat of working in the open desert, and their Operator, directing your work-day with objectives.

The game takes place over 4 Acts, each one having it's own world to navigate, and problems/stories to encounter.