A musical-themed Indie platformer available for free on GOG and Itch.


Symphonia is a 2D platformer with a fluid, hand-drawn art style and an orchestral soundtrack. It follows the violinist Philemon who discovers they must restart the heart of the mechanical world of Symphonia in order to perform their beloved music.

The game was originally conceived as a student project and given away for free on digital distribution networks GOG and Its designers are presently working on a more substantial version of the game, as well as publishing its current short-form version to more platforms.

To progress through levels, players must use Philemon's violin bow to pogo to higher ledges and as a means of catapulting off cushioned surfaces. By carefully leaping over spikes and across moving platforms, the player can reach the conclusion of each of Symphonia's few stages. They can also choose to collect some or all of the 200 musical collectibles scattered across the levels, some of which require some extra effort to reach.