Challenge of the Dragon

Challenge of the Dragon

An NES brawler from Sachen. Oddly one of two games in the same genre for the same platform with the same title.


Challenge of the Dragon, also known as Chinese Kungfu and Shàolín Wǔzhě (少林武者, translates to Shaolin Warrior), was released by Sachen in 1989 in Taiwan and 1990 in the west. Despite the title and genre similarity, it is completely unrelated to Color Dreams' Challenge of the Dragon, which has a medieval European fantasy theme.

Challenge of the Dragon is similar to the NES releases of Double Dragon, even including an emphasis in some portions on platforming that was more prominent in Double Dragon II.

Strangely, versions released under the title of Challenge of the Dragon excised the jump kick attack from the game, leaving the player with only a standard jump when they attempted it.