Vandal Hearts II

Vandal Hearts II

Vandal Hearts II is a tactical role-playing game released on the Sony Playstation. Instead of taking turns moving units, you and the computer move players simultaneously, leaving you thinking and predicting your opponents next move.


Joshua was just a regular mischievous kid, playing outside with his friends and getting into trouble. When the mysterious warrior Nicola arrives in a battered state, his childhood abruptly ends. Joshua is framed for murder and is abandoned by the girl he loves, causing him to run away. Years later, he has formed and become leader of the Red Wolves bandit group.

Main Characters


 A regular, mischievous kid. He always fights for what he believes is right, even without understanding the full situation, or judging the consequences. He befriends a warrior who becomes something of an idol to him, and eventually leaves his home to form a bandit group.  His sense of justice hasn't diminished, but his experiences from childhood have left him a little more cynical.


 Adele is the childhood friend of Joshua and the chatelaine of the Byron House. She always acts maturely, somewhat to the distaste of Joshua and his friends, but she cares deeply for him especially. She witnesses Joshua commit murder, left in tears as he flees the town.  She becomes a major pawn in the events that follow.


 A male warrior who is discovered in a battered state by Joshua and his friends. He is nursed back to health in secret, away from the townsfolk. Nicola has a troubled past and an even more troubled future. As a person of some importance, he has spent most of his life being used or hunted. He has grown wary as a result.


 A childhood friend of Joshua's. He's very studious but physically weak, making him a good proto-mage. He's attempting to join the clergy. After Joshua disappears, Yuri continues his studies and becomes an important figure in the church, which has repercussions when encountering him later in the game.


 Clive is a tough but well-meaning kid who is Joshua's other childhood friend. He wants nothing more than a commoner's peaceful life.