Hat Trick Hero '95

Hat Trick Hero '95

The sequel to Taito's soccer game Hat Trick Hero '93, featuring a large 42-team roster and new art style with digitized actors. It was later released for the Sega Saturn.


Hat Trick Hero '95 (known in Europe as Taito Power Goal) is a belt-scrolling soccer game developed and released by Taito for arcades (using their Taito F3 Package System hardware) on November 3, 1994.

The sequel to Hat Trick Hero '93 (and its updates), Hat Trick Hero '95 features a new art style, including digitized actors for the players, and a large 42-team roster consistent with both game versions. It also includes some new gameplay features, such as an overhead view when throwing-in and the ability to customize the player team's outfit (after winning enough games on a single playthrough).

It was later ported to the Sega Saturn in Japan on December 8, 1995, under the title Hat Trick Hero S. It also received a polygonal-3D sequel in 1996, titled Super Football Champ.

Special Menu

  • Super Dash (1 Unit)
  • Super Sliding (1 Unit)
  • Super Feint (2 Units)
  • Super Shoot (4 Units)
  • Hyper Shoot (6 Units)


Unlike the previous games, Hat Trick Hero '95 includes a team roster that is standardized between game regions. Each team is categorized into four groups: Europe A, Europe B, South America/Asia, and America/Africa.

After winning two games on a single playthrough, the player's team changes to "Personal Team" and they can customize the team's uniform colors (jersey, pants, and socks). After winning six games on a single playthrough, the player can customize the name of their Ace Striker.

The "MAX" team from the previous games return as the unplayable final boss.

Europe A

Europe B

South America & Asia

America & Africa