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Empire Interactive and the Origins of Ejay

The origins of this product was a company named empire interactive. They released their first Ejay title by 1997 but liquidated by 2009.

Here is a list of the numerous other Ejay products, their release dates and developer information.

TitleTypeReleasedDeveloped by
Dance eJayMusic Creation1997eJay GmBH
Rave eJayMusic Creation1998eJay GmBH
Dance 2Music Creation1999eJay GmBH
Hiphop eJayMusic Creation1999eJay GmBH
Techno eJayMusic Creation1999eJay GmBH
Dance 2+Music Creation2000eJay GmBH
Dance 3Music Creation2000eJay GmBH
Hiphop 2Music Creation2000eJay GmBH
Techno 2Music Creation2000eJay GmBH
360 Xtreme SoundtraxxMusic Creation2001eJay GmBH
Dance 4Music Creation2001eJay GmBH
Dance 5Music Creation2001eJay GmBH
Hiphop 3Music Creation2001eJay GmBH
Dance 6Music Creation2002eJay GmBH
DJ MixstationDJ Mixing2002Atomix
Techno 3Music Creation2002eJay GmBH
DJ Mixstation 2DJ Mixing2003Atomix
Hiphop 4Music Creation2003eJay GmBH
DJ Mixstation 3DJ Mixing2004Atomix
Hiphop 5Music Creation2004eJay GmBH
Techno 4Music Creation2004eJay GmBH
Dance 7Music Creation2005Checkmate Solutions
Hiphop 6Music Creation2005Checkmate Solutions
Mix CD Producer2005eJay
Techno 5Music Creation2006Checkmate Solutions
Rave 1Music Creation2007eJay GmBH
House 1Music Creation2007eJay GmBH
R & B 1Music Creation2007Tantrumedia
Virtual Music StudioMusic Creation2007Tantrumedia
Virtual Music ManagerMusic Management2007Helium
DJ Mixstation 4DJ Mixing2008MixVibes
Virtual Sounds 1Sound Samples2008eJay
Virtual Sounds 2Sound Samples2008eJay
Virtual Sounds 3Sound Samples2008eJay
Legends 1Collection2008eJay
Legends 2Collection2008eJay
Legends 3Collection2008eJay
Video & Music Exchange2010eJay
Dance 6 ReloadedMusic Creation - reissue2010eJay
Hip Hop 5 ReloadedMusic Creation - reissue2010eJay
DJ Mixstation 4 ReloadedDJ Mixing - reissue2010eJay
eQualityMusic CreationCancelledTantrumedia

Examples of music produced with ejay products can be heard at one of the last remaining <a >ejay fan</a> sites.