Chemicus: Journey to the Other Side

Chemicus: Journey to the Other Side

Chemicus is an educational adventure game released on the Macintosh and Windows OSes.

Chemicus is an educational game released on the Apple Macintosh and Windows PCs. The game has received extremely high acclaim for its educational content, and has been noted for this by different teaching authorities, and even by some adventure gamers.


A man by the name of Richard accidentally discovers the portal into an unknown city called Chemicus. Richard chooses to enter the city, but when he enters he is captured by strange men wearing white hoods. After being captured he is locked up in a prison, where he is being held. Richard is accused of trespassing in Chemicus, and of attempting to steal "transmission molecules" in order to damage the city's energy source. The story is played through the eyes of one of Richard's friends, who enters Chemicus in a bid to help Richard escape captivity.


Chemicus takes place in a fictional city, and has a 3D environment for players to explore. As you explore you can gather up different items which are then placed in your inventory. As you progress through the city you will discover different puzzles that need to be completed. All of the puzzles are based on Chemistry, and help with these puzzles can be found in-game through exploring, or using the 'Science Database' in the game.