Table Game Spirits 2

Table Game Spirits 2

The sequel to the Japanese mini-game collection Table Game Spirits, adding Slide Puzzle, Darts, Air Hockey, and Speed.


Table Game Spirits 2 is a mini-game collection developed and published by Tasuke for the Nintendo DS exclusively in Japan on December 7, 2006.

The sequel to Table Game Spirits, Table Game Spirits 2 includes 10 of the games from the original (sans Hana-awase) while adding four new ones: Slide Puzzle, Darts, Air Hockey, and Speed. It was later superseded by Table Game Spirits V.

The Darts mini-game was later added piecemeal as part of the studio's 1500DS Spirits series (as 1500DS Spirits Vol. 8: Darts).

Game List

New Additions

  • Slide Puzzle
  • Darts
  • Air Hockey
  • Speed

Returning Games