World Trigger: Smash Borders

World Trigger: Smash Borders

World Trigger: Smash Borders was a gacha turn based strategy which is based on the World Trigger manga and anime franchise of the first game.

World Trigger: Smash Borders (in similar vein to the X-COM series), let’s you pit into the role of the Border operator, to manage your Border military, initiate missions, command your Border units against Neighbors and bosses in this tactics strategy game.

The characters are divided into three classes:




These three classes (in similar vein to rock paper scissors) are stronger against one, depends on your character’s class type that you choose. (Intellectual characters is strong against trick characters, trick characters are strong against Body characters and Body characters are strong against intellectual). They have their finishing moves if they have their specific characters wisely, depends on their character’s varies in their situation.

Players can manage their facilities in Border HQ, to extend their HQ and communicate their character’s stats to level up their character’s talents in order to execute more difficult missions for their ways.