Street Kart Racing

Street Kart Racing

A competitive racing game on mobile.

Street Kart racing is a karting simulation game developed by Fat Cigar Productions Ltd and first published on January 8, 2020. It is available only on iOS.

Racing takes place during weekly championships. Each championship season consists of 25-30 race meets which are open for entry in 4-24 hour windows and comprise 7-8 unique formats (tracks and number of laps). Championship points are awarded for finishing position in each race meet. Each race meet can be entered repeatedly while open, and in most tiers additional points are awarded, based on finishing position, for each race finish.

There are currently three championship tiers. Racers are promoted to a more senior championship at the end of a season based on meeting championship points and in-game bank balance thresholds. The entry-level tier is Cadets, followed by TKM. The current senior tier is X30. A fourth tier, PRJ, is currently in development.

In-game money (SK dollars) is also awarded for race finishes and race meet final positions. This can be used to purchase karts, upgrades, fuel, tyres, and driver apparel, as well as paying for kart and engine servicing. The second in-game currency is aces, which are awarded for finishing position in daily non-championship race meets, weekly championships finals, and special events. They are also awarded for watching adverts and can be purchased as IAPs. Aces can be used to buy karts, apparel, high-octane fuel and supersoft tyres.