Gather resources to build a village. Unlock weapons and tame animals to defend from hostile creatures and other players.

Taming.io is a free multiplayer survival game with crafting aspect. It released on 17th of October, 2020, and is still in active developement.

The game is available on https://taming.io


Players must increase their score by collecting gold or fighting against other players and animals in the game. Mills automatically generate gold. Some will choose to protect them in their base.

Players can form teams or decide to play alone.


Animals in map can be tamed while they are still babies. They grow up over time to become stronger and stronger and can't be tamed anymore.

A player can own 3 pets. He can decide their behavior (defense / attack / stop or go to a specific place). Each animal has its own skill (regeneration/vampirism, dash, AOE, tornado, and many others). Fighting your animals will allow them to evolve to become stronger and stronger. Each animal corresponds to a type. They can be water / fire / electric / plant / rock / poison / normal / ice / fight / spectrum. Each type has advantages and weaknesses against the other types.

From level 5 on, the player has the possibility to mount his animals.


Each element destroyed brings experience. This experience allows to unlock new items at each level. These items can be both a weapon (bow / sword / axe / hammer / spear / shield ... ) or a building (wall / door / turret / spike / regeneration building ...) and the evolution of the player will require to set up a build.


Accounts allow players to unlock many features such as:

- In-game currency (Golden Apple)

Golden Apples can be find in chests in game. They are used to unlock skins / cosmetics, pet cardsn respawn in a game with a bonus or buy an Apple Juice to boost your apple crop.

- Get Badges :

Badges are issued to players based on the total of their 10 best games. Each badge offers a starting bonus of varying degrees.

Each score disappears after 20 days, allowing former inactive players to make way for new players.

Each badge allows each player to collect a more or less important Golden Apple bonus (the currency of the game).

- Challenges :

Every day, new challenges are offered to players in exchange for rewards.

- Stats :

Players can compare their stats with those of other players

- Unlockable pets :

Players with an account can unlock new pets and start a game with several pets already evolved.