Dashero: Sword & Magic

Dashero: Sword & Magic

Dashero is an upcoming game to be launched on Android & iOS.

Dashero is a roguelite arcade-action game for Android and iOS released in September 2020. The developer - Trèfle & Co. Game has spent more than 6 years on developing their 3D action engine and Dashero is the game which leverages this in-house engine.

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This is a hack-and-slash action game with topdown 3rd person perspective in 3D visual.

Due to its roguelite and shooting style, Dashero is usually compared with another popular game: Archero which has been published in 2019 Spring.

The game features its smooth 3D graphics and smooth animations.

Offline mode and a very special bi-display mode (both Portrait and Landscape) is also supported. Dashero will be published worldwide and covering 11 languages. (English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Korea, Thai, Vietnamese)