HyperStacks is a VR Action game developed by Squirrel Bytes and not yet released.
It stills in a early development state with closed alpha access

The main developer reported that the game will be released on PC and confirmed that it will be Cross Platform Multiplayer with Oculus Quest.


Hyperstacks splits in two main gameplay cores, Level creation and Level playing
each one totally different which depends one on the other, level creators create levels and level players play levels.

Level creation

Its the way players can create and publish levels for other players to play.
Level creators get rewarded in function of the play count, positive votes and other other factors not specified yet.
Level creation rewards could go fom cosmetic items for the player to new items to customize their maps, thats the developers words
In the level creation mode the player could be able to make anything they want, but needs to complete the level in order to get it published

Level Play

In this mode the player have to complete the levels made by level creators
Level players yet rewarded by playing levels and voting them they will be able to vote only when the level is completed
In order to complete a level the player has to reach a goal who player creator placed in its level alongside obstacles, traps, puzzles, activators and combat.
The player has an inventory for selecting the current equipation wich can be changed in middle of the combat to being able to get more combat points, these point heals the player and can be also used to evolve the current weapon set until you dead, like in a clasic roguelite.