Destruction Allstars

Destruction Allstars

A colourful, multiplayer-focused destruction derby PlayStation 5 game from Lucid Games.

Originally planned as a full-price PlayStation 5 launch title, Destruction AllStars was released on February 2nd 2021, as a free game for PlayStation Plus subscribers for the first two months of release. Come April 6th, the game will be available for purchase for $19.99.


Destruction AllStars mixes the traditional destruction derby formula with the "hero" character classes popularized by games like Overwatch. Each character comes with specific abilities and a unique "Hero vehicle" that players can spawn and utilize. Outside of the "Hero vehicle", players can drive three main types of cars: the fast, nimble but weak small vehicle, the slow, large and heavy SUV, and the balanced, middle-of-the-road sports car.

Players can also jump out of their vehicle to venture on-foot, with parkour-based mechanics. This can be useful for a number of reasons: players can change to a different kind of vehicle, evade upcoming traffic, reach gems on upper platforms to fill their Breaker meter, or even jump on top of another vehicle, which the player can choose to steal for themselves, or explode.

Game modes

  • Mayhem: The classic, free-for-all destruction derby mode.
  • Gridfall: Last-man-standing, with parts of the arena collapsing.
  • Carnado: A team-based mode where wrecking others earns the players gears, that they must cash-in by crashing into the carnado. If the player is wrecked before cashing-in, they lose all the gears they were carrying.
  • Stockpile: Another team-based mode similar to carnado, but where players must cash those gears at different control points.