Jet Moto

Jet Moto

Hover bikes, big airtime, a surf-rock soundtrack and a few Xtreme corporate sponsorships. This is Jet Moto.


Jet Moto is a racing game from SingleTrac Entertainment featuring hover bikes which appear to be a hybrid between an ATV and a personal watercraft. The game contains 10 tracks in locations varying from beaches to swamps to glaciers to stratospheric freeways, as well as racing teams sporting corporate logos from youth-targeted brands such as Mountain Dew and Butterfinger. The game is noteworthy for its introduction of so-called Suicide Tracks where the players race head-on against each other, crashing frequently.


The game features several terrains and the Motos handle appropriately on each of them. Riding over water causes the player to slow down, riding on dirt or asphalt provides a fast and stable ride, and riding on glaciers is as slippery as would be expected. The game features a largely unwieldy Magnetic Grappling mechanic which is intended to help players traverse switchbacks and sharp corners but often ends up leaving players pointing in the wrong direction or slamming them into a wall.

The tracks were designed to frequently get players airborne, whether in short hops or large jumps, which encourages players to compensate for the frequent air time by learning the courses and planning a fast and reliable strategy. Most of the tracks also contain several routes -- usually of varying difficulty and altitude -- which is a trend not commonly found in racing games at the time.

Suicide Tracks were an innovation brought to the genre by Jet Moto in which players raced on a linear course as opposed to a circular one. Once players reached either end of a Suicide Track, they would turn around and head in the opposite direction, often directly into the face of oncoming traffic. This was a particularly fun race mechanic to enjoy while playing in split-screen mode with a friend as you attempt to target each other.

Game Modes

Jet Moto contains four different modes:

  • Single Race - A simple way to jump into a race on any track against AI-Controlled opponents.
  • Custom Circuit - Allows for customization of scoring type and the ability to choose the trackset. Championship scoring assigns scores based on placement. Rally scoring combines track times and the player with the lowest time wins. Elimination scoring removes the losing racers after each race.
  • Full Season - The game's 'campaign'/season/championship mode that cycles through all of the tracks.
  • Practice - No A.I. racers are added and there is no way to lose.

Teams and Riders

In alphabetical order:

Team Axiom

Team Axiom
Team Axiom
  • Blackjack
  • Shirow
  • Stone
  • Technician
  • Tetsujin

Team Butterfinger

Team Butterfinger
Team Butterfinger
  • Arroyo
  • Bomber
  • Mace
  • Masala
  • Rhino

Team K2

Team K2
Team K2
  • Chien
  • Gunner
  • Harris
  • Quick Jessie
  • The Max

Team Mountain Dew

Team Mountain Dew
Team Mountain Dew
  • Dakota
  • Irons
  • Miko
  • Shannara
  • Wild Ride


In order of ascending difficulty:

  • Joyride

  • Blackwater Falls

  • Suicide Swamp

  • Ice Crusher

  • Cliffdiver

  • Hammerhead

  • Cypress Run

  • Willpower

  • Snow Blind

  • Nightmare

PlayStation Network

The game is available on the American PlayStation Store for $5.99.