Crash of the Titans

Crash of the Titans

Join Crash on his latest quest to stop Dr. Cortex from his nefarious plans and rescue his sister Coco. Crash of the Titans features all new graphics and some serious platforming fun.


Don't let the previous games make you think this game is bland. Far from it, this game is probably the first Crash Bandicoot game that is fun to play in quite some time.

Crash of the Titans is an action-oriented platforming game released across multiple platforms in late 2007. Published by Sierra Entertainment, Inc.

The game features a brand new gameplay feature in which you can debilitate a Titan and once stunned take control of him. It's incredibly fun to do and doesn't suffer from the stigma of ' more means less' such was the case with latest Sonic games. Heavy platforming sequences are to be found throughout the entire game and makes the game very fun to complete. New graphics and general character design are also in the game giving each character a fresh but familiar look.


Crash of The Titans is an action-oriented platformer, and like most games of the genre, it focuses on exploration, item collection and simple combat.


The levels featured in the game are brilliantly fleshed out, each having a theme to it. The jungles are lush, the temples are filled with ambiance and the action sequences have fitting music. Expect moving platforms, floating magnetic platforms, vine-swinging, board sliding and more. It really is one of the best platformers on the Wii - again, don't judge based on the previous Crash games!


The combat in the game is simple enough for your little brother to play, but fun enough for you to want to get a high combo multiplier. Crash has a wide array of moves for him to use, including his nostalgic Spin Attack. You acquire new moves by collecting Mojo orbs throughout the game, each time getting a bigger attacks.


The key new feature in this new Crash adventure is the ability to control Titans. The Titans vary in speed, size, and attack type; each having its uses.

In order to control one of the Titans, Crash has to hit him enough times to stun him then jump on his back while it is stunned. Once you are in control of a Titan, you gain its special abilities. For example, you can push spikes from the ground around you to skewer enemies, roar very strongly to stun enemies in a cone, or throw very sharp feathers to damage enemies from afar!

Commonly you need a specific Titan to progress through a level, for example, there might be a very tall Stonewall that needs to be brought down. You would need to use the Goar to smash through it with its gargantuan size.


The game features brand new character designs for the familiar characters, each getting new little details that make the overall presentation much easier on the eyes.

Locations are more detailed than in previous games and are much more artistic. Expect familiar enemies to look better as well, from the 3d modeling to the voice acting.

One nice detail in the game is the somewhat racy jokes that are placed in the game's cutscenes. Similar to Rocko's Modern Life, there are jokes that kids will understand (but not find funny), but parents will most definitely find the innuendo.

Titans (Primary)


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He's a big brown creature with razor-sharp claws. He is first fought when Crash goes to the jungle to find Aku-Aku, his floating mask friend. His basic attack is a two swipe combo. His special move is making spikes skewer enemies from below in a small radius around him.


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A huge elephant type creature. Has four huge tusks that are used to swipe at enemies. His attack is slow to link, but devastating when they connect. His special move is a very loud roar that stuns all enemies in a cone ahead. During the roar, the player can direct the cone effectively doubling its range.


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This agile creature has razor-sharp feathers on it's back that is used as throwing knives. Very fast, but always walks as if on ice, not able to quickly change direction. His special move is locking on 4 enemies at once and firing feathers at all of them at the same time.