VZfit Explorer

VZfit Explorer

VZfit Explorer is virtual reality game that allows players to cycle the world on a stationary bike.


VZfit Explorer is a game that allows the user to ride a bike through nearly limitless locations in the real world, while biking in virtual reality. The game is played in either first person or third person perspective as a cyclist on the road. In addition to the game and a VR headset the player also needs a stationary bike and a VZfit Sensor Kit, which contains a crank sensor and handlebar controller. To play the game the player pedals the stationary bike and the pedaling motion is translated to the cyclist in game pedaling, in order to steer the player leans to the left and right. The images in the game are pulled from Google Street View data and adjusted to allow the user to feel that they are moving through the environment.



The game originally launched with a list of curated rides that provided multiple experiences for the user. Some examples of these rides are Route 128 along the Colorado River; Sedona, Arizona; Westfjords, Iceland; and Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. The curated rides have a set and end point and can be ridden both forward and backwards. Since release 29 curated rides have been added to the game.

In addition to curated rides the player has the ability to create a custom ride based on address. The player has several options when creating rides. They can either enter a start and finish address and Google's navigation will provide a route for the user to follow, or they can enter only a starting address and choose a route dynamically as they cycle through a location.


In order to provide a good workout, while exploring, the game offers several options. First the rider can choose the difficulty level in game which will increase the amount of spins required to move forward through the game. The game also offers an optional trainer that can be turned on and off. The trainer currently has workouts designed for Interval Training, Heart Rate, Tabata, HIIT, and Touring. Spins are tracked in game as well as on the user's VZfit.com account.


The game allows for opt in multiplayer with built in voice chat. This allows one user to be the leader and choose routes while a second user can ride along with them and chat.


VZfit Explorer along with VZfit Play are offered as both a Free and Premium Membership option. The premium membership is $9.99 a month and allows unlimited access to all rides, while the free version allows access to a curated ride that rotates regularly.