Rock out to your favorite music in this music and rhythm game from the creators of Guitar Hero and Rock Band.


Phase is a single player rhythm and music games developed by Harmonix Music Systems for the 3rd gen iPod Nano, 5th gen iPod video, and the 6th gen iPod classic.


The game can support virtually any song that can be played on an iPod. The game then translates the songs into levels of play for each difficulty. There are three available difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Hard at the start of the game and two more difficulties (Expert and Insane) can be unlocked later. Just drag and drop whatever songs you want in the game into the Phase playlist and you are ready to go, but there is a 1,000 song limit for the game.

The game is similar to Harmonix's other game, Guitar Hero. "Notes", or small circles, travel down the screen towards a series of three holes. When a note reaches a hole, hitting the rewind, center or forward button on the iPod plays that note. Hitting notes gives the player points, and fills up a meter which ranks your gameplay in stars. Unlike Guitar Hero, the game does not have a constant measure of your score. Instead, the game breaks the song into sections, and requires that you gain enough stars in that section to progress to the next one.

Preloaded Songs

In addition to the songs you can add yourself, Phase does come with some songs to start off with.

  • "Nightlife Commando" by Bang Camaro
  • "Dots and Dashes" by Dealership
  • "Pop Music Is Not a Crime" by Freezepop
  • "Midnight Gamma" by Intersect
  • "Spira Mirabilis" by Kodomo
  • "The Theme of the Awesome" by Speck
  • "Dragonfly Remix" by Universal Hall Pass


  • To unlock the Expert difficulty, beat Marathon mode on Hard.
  • To unlock the Insane difficulty, beat Marathon mode on Expert.