Ford Racing

Ford Racing

Ford Racing for the PC and PlayStation allows the player to select from a varied roster of Ford cars and SUV´s and race them against 12 other vehicles simultaneously.


In Ford Racing, players get to choose from a roster of twelve different Ford´s manufactured both in the US and Europe and race them in 10 different circuits, both tracks and city circuits. The game features three main game modes: Career, Quick Race and Head to Head. In Career Mode you purchase a vehicle and start climbing the charts by winning races and earning money, which you can use to upgrade your vehicle or buy a new one. This is the main mode of the game, which allows you to unlock all the hidden cars it has. In Quick Race, you just set up a race in any track with any of the vehicles you´ve unlocked and race for fun. Finally, Head to Head is a multiplayer mode that allows you to race a friend.

Key Features

  • Well developed physics engine that makes each car and truck feel how it is supposed to.
  • Almost the whole Ford lineup is represented in the game, from the entry level Ka to the Mustang GT and GT90. SUV´s and pickups, like the Explorer and F-150 are included as well.
  • Race twelve other cars at the same time.
  • Best-suited for a Ford enthusiast.
  • Simple car-upgrade system based on acquiring parts rather than on performance tuning.
  • Low price tag of $9.99.


Game critics agreed that the game suffered from bad graphics, a very bad AI that is limited to following a preset racing line and pretty standard music. Some critics also stated that having only Ford vehicles didn't justify to make a full game. However, they praised its physics engine and the way each car was modeled after its real world counterpart. Its budget price tag was also noticed.