Mega Man 7

Mega Man 7

The seventh installment of the Mega Man series brings Mega Man's antics to Nintendo's 16-bit console, as our robotic hero sets out to find the whereabouts of Dr. Wily (who recently escaped from prison) while encountering a mysterious new robotic ally Bass.


Mega Man 7 (known in-game as Mega Man VII, and known in Japan as Rockman 7: Shukumei no Taiketsu!, which loosely translates to "Rockman 7: The Confrontation of Fate!!") is a side-scrolling action platformer developed and published by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on September 1995.

It is the seventh installment of the original Mega Man series (and the sequel to Mega Man 6). The only installment of the series for the SNES (with the exception of spin-offs Mega Man Soccer and the Japan-exclusive Rockman & Forte), Mega Man 7 introduces the series to "bolts", a collectible currency (dropped by enemies and found scattered throughout levels) that can be used in a store (Big Eddie's Cybernetic Support Shop) to purchase items and upgrades. It also introduces Dr. Light's mechanic/assistant Auto and Mega Man's robotic rival Bass (along with his robotic wolf Treble). Mega Man's robotic bird, Beat, is also given new functionality as he can carry Mega Man out of fatal pitfalls.

Set in the year 20XX, the game takes place a half a year after the events of Mega Man 6 (in which the humanoid robot hero Mega Man defeats the evil roboticist Dr. Wily a sixth time, sending him to prison for his crimes). Despite being imprisoned, Dr. Wily triggers a fail-safe in this lab (by not being in contact with it for six months) which awakens four Robot Masters sent to rescue him. When Mega Man fails to apprehend Dr. Wily (encountering the mysterious robot Bass, along with his dog Treble, who claims to be after Dr. Wily as well), he must venture out to defeat the new Robot Masters and find Dr. Wily.

The game was later released (in North America only) as part of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection compilation for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube on June 23, 2004 and the Xbox on March 15, 2005. An unofficial 8-bit "demake" of Mega Man 7 was finished in 2008, coinciding with the release of the deliberately-retro Mega Man 9. More information can be found here.



Mega Man 7 is very similar to the previous six titles in the Mega Man franchise, except for several refinements to gameplay. Mega Man 7 was the third Mega Man game to have a store with wares such as items and powerups available for a set amount of "bolts," the currency of the game which can be collected during levels. To access the store, the player must press the select button on the stage select screen. Later games, such as Mega Man IV (Game Boy version), Mega Man V (Game Boy version), Mega Man 8, Mega Man & Bass, and Mega Man 9 also featured the store.

In Slash Man's stage, the character Beat is unlockable upon being rescued. Beat's job, unlike in Mega Man 5 and Mega Man 6 where he attacks enemies, is to rescue Mega Man when he falls into a pit. The player can hold up to four of Beat's whistles, summoning Beat. Beat can also carry Mega Man for a short period of time, but when it runs out, Beat drops him. If Beat drops Mega Man in a pit by accident, or if the player runs out of whistles, then Mega Man loses a life.


Capcom, being the creators of the Street Fighter franchise, slipped in an extra two player versus mode. It is two rounds long and can be accessed by typing a password while holding L and R. When the password is inputted without L and R, it takes the player (fully powered Mega Man) to the very last Wily Level.

The weapons that Mega Man earns from the eight bosses of the game play more of a role in Mega Man 7. For example, the weapons can be use to alter the environment to discover hidden areas for secret items. In Slash Man's stage, the scorch wheel weapon can be use to burn some of the trees that are in the level.

Mega Man 7 also introduces the game with a level, making it the first game in the series to have an introductory level. This level serves as the introduction of the story, and shows new characters Bass and Treble, who serve as Mega Man and Rush's rivals.


Slash Man's Stage

Heavily based off the film Jurassic Park, Slash Man's stage contains robotic dinosaurs--some can shoot razor sharp propellers, and others can help Mega Man get across spiked plains. Mega Man will also go though waterfall sequence with logs coming down the waterfall's stream--the logs are used as platforms for Mega Man to get through. Eventually Mega Man will encounter a large dinosaur as a mid-boss fight.

Shade Man's Stage

This stage has areas of robotic zombies that will regenerate. They come out of a coffin that rise up out of the ground. Robotic crows will appear to give Mega Man a hard time - the stand in the way and shoot out a pellet. Enemies will sneak up on Mega Man from the background. Mega Man will also encounter a mid boss fight in this stage as well--a giant pumpkin that bounces around as one of its attack, then the top and bottom sides will open up and shoot out pellets at Mega Man. This level also houses a secret battle with Proto Man. In order to meet him here, players must have met him twice before.

Junk Man's Stage

A factory that has robotic bugs coming out of hives that's made out of junk. Other section contain gaps that's filled with molten lava that Mega Man has to cross. One touch of the lava and Mega Man is done for. Another area is an elevator section with enemies coming down while the elevator is taking Mega Man to the next part of the level.

Freeze Man's Stage

Freeze Man's stage is a snowy level that has robotic polar bears that can breath out spiked balls and throw them at Mega Man, bob sliders that will throw three bombs once destroyed, and enemies that hang on the ceiling and shoot glaciers that can be use as platforms to get through gaps filled with spikes. Sections of the stage have platforms that are covered with slippery ice - if not careful, Mega Man could accidentally fall off.

Burst Man's Stage

This stage has platforms that are ticking time bombs. A large portion of the stage is done underwater - the water can increase the height that Mega Man can jump, but it can be dangerous for Mega Man because some areas in the stage have spikes hanging on the ceiling. In other sections, the water level will rise up and down, Mega Man will float on top when the water level is up - which will help Mega Man get through sections with gaps that are filled with spikes.

Turbo Man's Stage

Most of this stage is made out of tires. Right at the beginning, Mega Man will be attacked by a robot on a bulldozer with spikes on the front. Other sections have tires that are attached to chains. They can get in the way of Mega Man jumping across spiked gaps. Another has Mega Man going dropping down avoiding fiery beams that will destroy Mega Man with one hit (This section is reminiscent of Quick Man's level from Mega Man 2).

Spring Man's Stage

This stage contains springs attached on walls, floors, and ceilings- they can launch Mega Man up in the air. Two of the enemies are robotic springs; one jumps around the stage and attacks Mega Man, and the other is similar to a Slinky. Sections in the level have jack-in-the-boxes suspended in mid air; they launch out a metal boxing glove. Mega Man can jump on them and change the direction where the metal boxing will aim.

Cloud Man's Stage

Very reminiscence of Air Man's stage from Mega Man 2, Cloud Man's stage takes place up in the air. Some sections have robots that can change the weather depending which weapon is used on it. For example, If Freeze Man's weapon is use, the entire level will be covered in snow.

Robot Masters

Freeze Man

  • Enemy Alignment: Ice
  • Enemy Weakness: Junk Shield
  • Weapon Gained: Freeze Cracker

Junk Man

  • Enemy Alignment: Trash
  • Enemy Weakness: Thunder Bolt
  • Weapon Gained: Junk Shield

Burst Man

  • Enemy Alignment: Water
  • Enemy Weakness: Scorch Wheel
  • Weapon Gained: Danger Wrap

Cloud Man

  • Enemy Alignment: Air
  • Enemy Weakness: Danger Wrap
  • Weapon Gained: Thunder Bolt

Spring Man

  • Enemy Alignment: Coils
  • Enemy Weakness: Slash Claw
  • Weapon Gained: Wild Coil

Slash Man

  • Enemy Alignment: Claws
  • Enemy Weakness: Freeze Cracker
  • Weapon Gained: Slash Claw

Shade Man

  • Enemy Alignment: Sound
  • Enemy Weakness: Wild Coil
  • Weapon Gained: Noise Crush

Turbo Man

  • Enemy Alignment: Fire
  • Enemy Weakness: Noise Crush
  • Weapon Gained: Scorch Wheel