Astonishia Story

Astonishia Story

Astonishia Story is a remake of a 1994 RPG developed by Sonnori that was initially known as Astonishia Story R. The title was released for the GamePark 32 before later being ported to the PC and PSP.


Developed and released by Sonnori in 1994 and remade for the PSP in 2005, Astonishia Story is a 2D turn based strategy RPG with simple and intuitive controls to help the game a reach more casual RPG fans and hardcore strategy experts alike.


Gameplay wise Astonisha Story is a 2D turn based strategy RPG similar to something like Final Fantasy: Tactics or Tactics Ogre and by simplifying the controls and overhauling the traditional RPG interface, Astonisha Story tries to draw in a larger audience.


A century ago the Life Tree died and the elves slowly went with it. Brimhil, the queen of the elves and eternally young, gave up her youth to revive the Life Tree and the elves along with it. 100 years later, elves are being abused by humans and a young half-elf named Francis De La Cross attempts to obtain the power of a god to restore Brimhil's youth before she dies. Sometime later, a knight named Sir Lloyd Von Roiental is transporting a holy staff known as the Wand of Kinan when he is ambushed by Francis, the staff is stolen and Lloyd sets of on his quest to retrieve it.


Astonishia Story received mostly negative reviews with IGN scoring the game a 5.5 out of 10 and saying "Once you've completed the less than 20 hours of play, you'll never want to see this game again" and Gamespot saying " Astonishia Story is the equivalent of a cheap novel you might pick up in an airport gift shop. It's a light, easy way to burn some time, but isn't substantial enough to sustain interest for very long".