Dangerous Driving

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous Driving is an arcade racing game and a spiritual successor to the Burnout series from some of the same developers.

Dangerous Driving is an arcade racing game in the same vein as the Burnout series. The game consists of a handful of different environments broken up into circuits and point to point races and numerous types of cars to drive during events. Game types include standard races, road rage, time attack, and pursuit. Game mechanics are essentially identical to the Burnout games; players build boost by drifting, driving in oncoming traffic, near misses, jumps, and takedowns. Cars will crash if they hit a road car or a piece of the environment, and for a short period of time after a crash the player is able to enter an aftertouch window and attempt to hit another player car with limited movement.


The game features 7 unique locations inspired by national parks in North America. These locations provide the game's combined 31 courses with over 270 miles of road.

  • Twin Ferry Lakes
  • Dead Rock Canyon
  • Surfside Island
  • Eagle Ridge Mountain
  • High Dunes Desert
  • Grasslands Proving Ground
  • Cool Water Valley

Game Modes

At launch the single player mode will have 69 (nice) events made up from the 9 different event types. New cars are unlocked by progressing through the single player.


The standard event type in Dangerous Driving. A race against 5 computer controller vehicles with Takedowns and Aftertouch active.


A more pure race mode where Takedowns are not active, and completely using the boost bar will trigger a "Heatwave"; an automatic refill of the boost bar allowing for chaining of boosts. Think of this as the Burnout 1/2 mode.

Face Off

A one on one event with a rival vehicle. Take them down, win the race, and win their car!


A pure time trial mode with players racing against the clock to get the best time possible. These events will also serve as a preview for cars yet unlocked.


A five lap race in which last place is eliminated every lap.


A three race series in which points are earned and the champion is determined at the end. There is a GP series for every Class of vehicle.


A combination of time trial and checkpoint racing. The longer a player goes the tighter the window for the next checkpoint will be and traffic will become heavier.


Play as a cop and takedown the bad guys before they escape!

Road Rage

Get as many Takedowns as possible before time runs out.


Dangerous Driving technically has 27 vehicles across six different classes. That being said, it appears as though there are really only six unique car models, corresponding to the classes, that are then tuned and modified for every variant.


  • Sedan
  • SUV
  • Coupe
  • Supercar
  • Hypercar
  • Formula DD


  • Base - The one you start each class of events with.
  • Advanced - Stronger versions that made for Takedowns and Road Rage.
  • Tuned - Faster cars tuned for Heatwave events that earn boost faster, and gain 2 MPH to their top speed after every Heatwave.
  • Prototype - Optimized for racing, these vehicles are tuned to be faster but more fragile.
  • Cop Cars - Sedan, SUV, and Supercar cop cars for all of your pursuit needs.