Far Cry: Vengeance

Far Cry: Vengeance

Yet another retelling of Jack Carver's story, this interpretation of Instincts is only notable for being on the Nintendo Wii.


Stage 1

  • Find a weapon
  • Escape the Police Station
  • Find a way through the military encampments
  • Meet with Kade and escape

Stage 2

  • Watch over the cargo and wait for Kade
  • Catch up with Kade
  • Meet up with Kade at the old outpost
  • Destroy the patrol boats
  • Find the C4 charges and destroy the warehouse
  • Destroy the towers located in the plantation
  • Race to save Kade from rebels' clutches

Stage 3

  • Race to save Kade from rebels' clutches
  • Jump in truck
  • Get rid of incoming enemies
  • Reach the airport
  • Protect Kade
  • Follow Kade
  • Open the garage doors
  • Protect the plane
  • Enter the plane for takeoff
  • Follow Kade
  • Find some fuel
  • Find a mounted weapon
  • Destroy the helicopter

Stage 4

  • Reach Kade's safehouse
  • Hold off rebels attack
  • Reach the shrine ruins

Stage 5

  • Locate and interrogate the Phosil fuels executive
  • Escape Shanty Town
  • Meet Kien Do at the suspension bridge
  • Jump across the bridge

Stage 6

  • Reach the valley
  • Destroy the main camp's armory
  • Find flares to lure the boat pilot
  • Light the flares to lure the rebel boat
  • Drive the boat to the bridge
  • Meet Kien Do at the rendez-vous point and
  • Reach the harbour
  • Kill the sniper
  • Disengage the generator
  • Kill the rebels and steal a boat
  • Reach the offshore platform
  • Defuse the bomb
  • Join Kien Do

Stage 7

  • Meet Kien Do at the delivery truck
  • Meet Kien Do at the delivery truck
  • Follow the truck to the refinery
  • Use the truck to ram the refinery gates
  • Meet Kien Do in the foreman's office
  • Take down the computer emergency system
  • Destroy the auxiliary pumps
  • Disable the floodgate mechanism
  • Open the main valve
  • Defeat the commando leader
  • Escape via the underground river

Stage 8

  • Protect Kien Do
  • Locate rebel camp and find a boat
  • Drive the vehicle back to Kien Do
  • Follow Kien Do's blood traces
  • Destroy interference source 1
  • Destroy interference source 2
  • Destroy interference source 3
  • Reach Kien Do's emitter

Stage 9

  • Find Kien Do
  • Defeat Semeru
  • Break through temple's doors